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Logo Design Process –Field Eagle

by Christine Harris 17. January 2012 11:48


Field Eagle is a field inspection application that enables facility managers and building owners to perform property inspections.  Konverge partnered with Motion Computing using their rugged F5v tablet as an ideal machine to make Field Eagle a durable product in the field.

Dino Bozzo, the creative visionary for Field Eagle wanted to create the Field Eagle brand around ideas of ruggedness, durability, endless mobility, and freedom (to do inspections easily anytime anywhere).  The eagle, having a razor sharp eye for detail, being boundless and rugged, and known for their endurance, speed, and strength was an ideal symbol for the new Konverge product.

After hearing Dino’s ideas behind the brand, because eagles are such a visually strong symbol, my initial response was to go with the eagle as a symbol for the logo.

I like to sketch out logo ideas on paper before firing up Illustrator.  What evolved from this was circular eagle shape with a swooping wing.

Taking the concept into Illustrator, I started using geometric shapes to make the wings and head of the eagle.



And what it might look like as an icon…



The stylization of the eagle wasn’t right. The product team was not 100% happy with it and neither was I….so back to the drawing board….



And back to Illustrator keeping the circles more contained within the central circle this time.



And add some feathers and we have...



Just needed an eye….we went with the last one.


And Finally, the logo.




Choosing the Palate –



Brown – Brown encompasses earthiness & nature with reliability and support


Blue –  Blue has been a standard color in business branding for its association with loyalty, intelligence, communication, and trust.


Navy – Navy shares qualities with both blue and black.  From black, navy gains the attributes of seriousness, earthiness, sophistication and excellence.



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